Goddess Boon

By Oeni · October 2020 · BrawlBack to guides

Welcome to Oeni’s Brawl Gazette, “Goddess Boon” edition! If you are completely new to the Brawl, be sure to read the Brawl guide before moving on with this week’s challenge.

This week, all Frostling units benefit from an extra +4 strength on top of their initial strength.

The +4 strength buff is significant enough to give all other factions trouble, so I honestly can’t recommend playing anything but winter. At the same time, this generally means that you have to compensate with aggressiveness (or skill) if you have lower levels than your opponent, i.e. try a deck with a lower curve and runners as finishers.

That said, the recently buffed Voidsurgers will likely be incredible and is absolutely worth including, so be wary of your placement with units below 6 strength. Also be sure to pack Confinement and/or Siren of the Seas, because they will provide a lot of value against any lumbering snow titans.

Possible Decks

So, to summarize:

See you on the battlefield! If you have any comment or suggestion, get in touch with oeni#7266 on Discord.

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