Lucrative Project

By Oeni · October 2020 · BrawlBack to guides

Welcome to Oeni’s Brawl Gazette, “Lucrative Project” edition! If you are completely new to the Brawl, be sure to read the Brawl guide before moving on with this week’s challenge.

This week, all Construct units have 2 movement, regardless of their initial movement.

I don’t think there’s a lot of nuance to deckbuilding this week, so I’ll make it quick. Play communist robots, maintain frontline, block your opponent’s frontline, and try to soften them up before finishing them off with something like Delegators.

Since last time, Scrapped Planners was buffed, and might make a good replacement for Finite Loopers to get an even stickier frontline, since it is difficult to clear without equal level Linked Golems or Debug Loggers.

I’m paraphrasing CriticalPancake for some more insightful strategy tips:

Clog the board with units since a lot of players play their high cost units too early (beware of Windmakers). Playing more cards allows you to put more pressure on the opponent early, putting them on the defensive. Even if that means ignoring the first unit the opponent sends towards you. If you’re defending, you’re losing. If you force them to go 1:1 with your units, card for card, but your cards are cheaper, you get ahead.

Plink their base when you have the opportunity while still maintaining frontline. The biggest choice is when to defend and when to apply pressure.

Possible Decks

See you on the battlefield! If you have any comment or suggestion, get in touch with oeni#7266 on Discord.

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