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In this guide, I would like to give some insights on how to best manage the resources in this game. This is a work-in-progress and will be expanded on in the near future.This guide is based on the July 2020 update.

Income calculator

Find a handy income calculator (up-to-date with the July economy changes) to compute how many resources (coins, rubies, fusion stones and cards) you get on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis based on your playstyle.

coin Coins

Coins are available through 5 different means:

  • Tier 1 and 3 daily missions (coin 100 coins for tier 1 + coin 150 coins for tier 3, where the odds of having coins as a reward are 6 to 10).
  • Daily victories (coin 25 coins in Heroes , coin 20 coins in Diamond , coin 15 coins in Platinum , coin 10 coins in other leagues, doubled when watching an ad or having a Premium Pass) with a maximum of coin 400 coins a day* or coin 700 coins in case of Premium Pass).
  • First daily victory bonus (coin 30 coins)
  • Monthly season chests (coin 150 coins in Iron, coin 300 coins in Bronze, coin 500 coins in Silver, coin 800 coins in Gold, coin 1,200 coins in Platinum, coin 1,500 coins in Diamond, coin 2,000 coins in Heroes).
  • Victory bonuses in the Brawl.
  • Duplicate copies above level 5 (coin 15 coins, coin 30 coins, coin 70 coins or coin 150 coins depending on the rarity of the card).
  • Shop purchases as part of bundles.

ruby Rubies

Rubies are available through 4 different means:

  • Tier 2 daily missions (ruby 5 rubies).
  • Monthly season chests (ruby 5 rubies in Bronze, ruby 10 rubies in Silver, ruby 20 rubies in Gold, ruby 30 rubies in Platinum, ruby 50 rubies in Diamond, ruby 70 rubies in Heroes).
  • Weekly Casual Brawl (ruby 5 rubies at Milestone 3, ruby 15 rubies at Milestone 5, ruby 60 rubies at Milestone 8 and ruby 200 rubies at Milestone 10).
  • Weekly Warrior Brawl (ruby 125 rubies at Milestone 8 and ruby 500 rubies at Milestone 10).
  • Weekly Ultimate Brawl (ruby 5 rubies at Milestone 2 and ruby 250 rubies at Milestone 8).
  • Victory bonuses in the Brawl.
  • Shop purchases as part of bundles or rubies only.

fusion stone Fusion Stones

Fusion Stones are available through 4 different means:

  • Tier 3 daily missions (fusion stone 2 fusion stones, where the odds of having fusion stones as a reward are 4 to 10).
  • Weekly Casual Brawl (fusion stone 1 fusion stone at Milestone 4, fusion stone 7 fusion stones at Milestone 7).
  • Weekly Warrior Brawl (fusion stone 4 fusion stones at Milestone 4, fusion stone 20 fusion stones at Milestone 7).
  • Weekly Ultimate Brawl (fusion stone 10 fusion stones at Milestone 4, fusion stone 50 fusion stones at Milestone 7, fusion stone 200 fusion stones at Milestone 10).
  • Heroes Leaderboard (fusion stone 100 fusion stones for Top 1, fusion stone 50 fusion stones for Top 10, fusion stone 25 fusion stones for Top 100, fusion stone 10 fusion stonesfor Top 500).
  • Victory bonuses in the Brawl.
  • Sometimes in books.
  • Shop purchases as part of bundles.


Have a look at the income calculator to know how your playstyle affects your income. The general advice here is to at least do these 2 things:

  1. Open your daily free Humble book for a random card.
  2. Complete your daily missions. Find some people to play with to easily complete the tougher missions.

Playing on mobile can greatly reduce the time it takes to maximize coins through wins, especially with a solid rush deck for this. Ultimate Brawl typically isn’t worth the costs beyond Milestone 5 (Mythic Tome) and even then you would want to achieve at least a win-rate of 50% (roughly coin 1,780 coins).


Exchanging resources such as ruby rubies for coin coins is generally not worth it. The conversion rates are bad and you will most likely find a better use for the resource. Duplicate cards at level 5 used to be exchanged for fusion stone fusion stones instead of coins. There is some indication this might change again in the future so it is recommended you hold on to your duplicates for now.


If you’re planning on playing Stormbound for a while it is always advisable to set aside some resources for sales, offers and certain cards or books you might want to get in the shop. It has happened in the past that books were temporarily cheaper and people who had saved a lot of rubies made good deals.

Community rewards

There are several rewards handed out in community tournaments and social media engagement competitions. Please refer to the official Stormbound social channels and the Discord server for more information.

How to best spend your resources depends on how you want to play the game. Casual play or goal orientated. In terms of goals, Stormbound can be broken down into a few main ones:

  • Reaching the top league (Heroes League)
  • Completing one’s collection (having at least one copy of each card)
  • Bringing full collection to level 5

I’ll outline the best strategy for using your resources for each goal.

Casual play

If you’re looking to just play when you can and are not hell-bend on any specific goal or grinding resources there is still some advice on how to use your time and resources efficiently.

This game is all about creating decks. For that, a bigger collection is better. The best way to grow your collection fairly evenly in the beginning is by buying Noble books, Heroic Tomes and opening your daily Humble Book.

Once you have most common and rare cards, you could consider keeping some coin coins and ruby rubies aside to buy singular cards in the shop or save up ruby rubies for a Mythic book. You’ll have a feel for the cards and maybe also have some favorite cards and/or factions to buy more specific copies from. Please refer to the section below for some recommended cards or have a look at the tier list to see which cards have high value in this game.

I advise you to hold on to your fusion stone fusion stones until you have good candidate to upgrade it on. This will probably be a legendary card as you cannot ever buy those specifically in the shop. Crafting a card you haven’t gotten yet greatly diminishes the value of fusion stone fusion stones, so think twice about doing that.

Upgrading cards can get costly so be mindful of what you upgrade. It is not a great idea to try and upgrade everything but rather focus on the cards you use. If you cannot play much, make sure you open your daily free card and aim to complete your daily missions, favoring the coin 150 coins mission over the fusion stone 2 fusion stones mission (each mission can be re-rolled once a day before completing).

Reaching Heroes League

Solely reaching the top-league can be achieved within 6 months of starting the game if planned correctly. It would be best to focus on a single (cheap) deck to do so. Read Kitty’s guide on achieving it with a mostly common SF deck, or try out Reckless Rush’s deck.

The reason why a cheap deck, i.e. low rarity cards, is best is because you need higher level cards in order to be able to compete in the Diamond and Heroes leagues (and to some extent the Platinum league). It can take a long time to find the right copies of epic and legendary cards, and the latter are hard to come by, so for getting to Diamond 1 fast it is highly recommended to build a deck without.

Resource-wise it is simple: buy Noble Books until you have most cards in the deck and then focus on buying copies of those cards when they appear in the shop. Save ruby rubies for any epic card copies you might have in your deck, and with a high surplus buy Heroic Tomes.

Leave Brawls beyond Milestone 1 aside as it is costly, the many modifiers will probably make your deck less competitive and the rewards are skewed towards higher tier cards. That being said, Reckless Rush’s deck does perform well in several current Brawl modifiers. However, even then it is probably not worth trying to go any further than the fourth milestone.

Full collection level 5

This goal is a lot harder to achieve than the other two. Consider the following. The amount of cards needed for each rarity tier is:

  • Common: 3,600 copies
  • Rare: 3,034 copies
  • Epic: 1,320 copies
  • Legendary: 483 copies

Upgrading your full collection to level 5 costs coin 308,850 coins, which would take you at least a year of max grind to save up, including in-game rewards and no Brawl.

Since Sheepyard has taken over development of the game, it’s very likely the game’s collection and economy will change before you get to complete your collection. I recommend not going straight for the complete level 5 collection goal because the grind will be very long and arduous (getting max coins each day will require about 2.5 hours game play on mobile, and about 4 hours on Steam).

However, there are two tools on this website that can greatly help in getting you to complete your collection should you want to shoot for it. Uploading your collection, and using theincome calculator. With those you can see how many more cards you need of each rarity and how to adjust your income to match that. You might find for instance it’s better for you to buy Heroic Tomes rather than Mythic Tomes (since the way the cards are distributed and generally rewarded makes the rare cards the hardest to complete). You might find preferring fusion stone fusion stones missions better than the coin coins missions if you’ve saved up enough and looking for final copies.

How you’ve gone about building your collection thusfar affects what’s the best income strategy for you.


(*) It is technically possible to earn coin 415 coins from battles per day despite the coins cap. To do so, reach coin 395 coins then win another game (with ads), bringing the total to 415.

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