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Welcome to the Brawl Gazette, “Self Control” edition! If you are completely new to the Brawl, be sure to read the Brawl guide before moving on with this week’s challenge.

This week, all Satyr units benefit from an extra +1 movement on top of their initial movement.

The “Self Control” Brawl is a very cheap and fast one. Most games are done or settled by turn 10, and it relies quite a lot on the level of cheap cards, neutral and Swarm alike.

It is important to clear the opponent’s front-line regularly early on because it can start steamrolling very quickly. Be especially careful to Counselor Ahmi which can easily be brought back into the hand given it has 2 movement.

Possible Decks


Find below a list of most cards we get to see in this Brawl, and whether or not I think they are a good fit.

  • Green Prototypes are as good as always. It’s cheap and strong and probably a must have.
  • Summon Militia is surprisingly efficient in that Brawl. Not only can it stop runners (or Counselor Ahmi from coming back in hand) but it also gives some meat for Pan Heralds.
  • Doppelbocks is really nice, especially since it can attack sideways. Definitely a card to include.
  • Gifted Recruits are also as good as always, although some successful decks did not run them, which is interesting.
  • Head Start is a good card because cheap with a lot of value. It provides good synergy with Swarmcallers, and to some extent Pan Heralds.
  • Lawless Herd is amazing in that Brawl and definitely a must-have.
  • Wild Saberpaws are always a good call, but might be replaced if it’s not high level enough. In a Brawl where 6+ runners are common, a 3-strength card is not going to cut it.
  • Restless Goats is your line pusher with 3 movement, especially at level 4/5 where it can take a bit of damage as well.
  • Counselor Ahmi is king in that Brawl, not so much for the stats themselves, but because if you have a path to the opponent’s base, you can play 2 or 3 times in a row and this is how most games end.
  • Forgotten Souls is a bit of an odd ball. Everything goes so fast that there is little need for the commanding ability, and Counselor Ahmi is almost always a better play at 3 mana. I guess it’s good with a control strategy, especially if level 5.
  • Mindless Horde, if you have it level 4 or 5, is a very decent call because it’s a lot of value on the board with one movement, and it becomes hard to clear with Lawless Herd and Counselor Ahmi.
  • Moonlit Aerie can be a decent call for control strategies, as it can distracts the opponent a little. It goes a bit against rush though, so it might be a tough play.
  • Pan Heralds is the name of the game. Ideally, open cheap and close to your own base, and drop Pan Heralds next turn to ensure board control. It really is strong.
  • Swarmcallers is really interesting, not only because it’s a satyr in a satyr Brawl with satyr synergies, but because it gets 2 movement, and becomes a decent finisher.
  • Dreadfauns might look like it’s interesting with 1 movement for extra satyrs, but 5 mana is a lot in such a fast Brawl, and there are better plays than that (usually 2 or 3 cards instead).
  • Beasts of Terror sounds interesting in a Brawl where so many satyrs are played but it’s just too expensive. If you have to drop it, you’re in trouble, and if you’re in trouble, you can’t really spend 4 mana on just that.
  • Bucks of Wasteland are undeniably strong with their 1 movement, but they are very expensive, and it feels like a win-more card at this stage. I’m not sure it will help that much.
  • Queen of Herds and Herald’s Hymn are just too expensive here, and all in all too little too late.
  • Confinement might help in some situations, but what kills you is rarely not one big unit—especially since there are basically no elders. What kills you is usually Counselor Ahmi slamming your base for 18 damage at turn 9.
  • Fort of Ebonrock is definitely worse than Moonlit Aerie and performs incredibly poorly in that Brawl where everything is cheap and everything moves.
  • Unhealthy Hysteria is not necessarily a bad choice, although it becomes costly at 3 mana when you could drop one or two more units. But on paper it should work because you get a lot of units packed together for Pan Heralds.

See you on the battlefield! If you have any comment or suggestion, get in touch with Kitty#7266 on Discord.

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