Terrific Slayers

By Dracqi · August 2020 · PlaystyleBack to guides

Terrific Slayers is a rather underused card outside of the Heavy Metal Brawl focusing on knights. Still, it is not a bad card and can have very strong value in some situations. In this guide, I will outline some tips to best play them.

What the deck?

First things first, Terrific Slayers are not going to be the core of your deck. They are an interesting utility card. That means you have to make sure you aren’t losing out on an otherwise not well covered (and important) niche for your strategy by using Terrific Slayers.

For example, I generally wouldn’t recommend this as a defensive card or as your only win-condition since it’s a little but it blends in well in say, a Winter runners strategy.

Don’t put Terrific Slayers if your strategy relies on heavily constrained card cycling as you might want to be able to save it for the right opportunity, especially when there’s reason to anticipate a dragon being played (or converted).

Also fits decently in a knight strategy with Hunter’s Vengeance and/or Kindred’s Grace.

Countering the counters

Ironically enough, Terrific Slayers are pretty interesting in dragon decks because it’s a good recipe against card conversion (such as Curse of Strings, Blood Ministers and Clerics with Cords)—especially in a heavily Shadowfen meta—as well as Harvesters of Souls to some extent.

Limited AoE

AoE and randomized damage (such as Hunter’s Vengeance) are not recommended as these can weaken your target(s) when unwanted. You want to keep nice and juicy dragons for maximum value—Beasts of Terror and Broken Earth Drakes being clear exceptions.

Take risks and bait

Especially if you know your opponent has dragons, don’t be as afraid of starting situations where your opponent can use them effectively, and encourage it in ways that are advantageous to you (this is especially relevant after your first usage of the card).

Bank on surprise

For your first usage of Terrific Slayers, it can be smart to wait until you have a stronger dragon to kill, especially if your opponent plays a dragon combo card, as you know more chances will likely come.

After you use this card, your opponent is able to try playing around it, so the first usage always has the most value, if you can, make sure this first usage reflects that (use Green Prototypes to buff the enemy dragon when you can’t go without buffing a unit for a pro gamer move).

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