The Player

By  hooli_gun_2007 · 1 minuteBack to stories

Are you talking about the “Player”? They reached the highest, Diamond First, league. They can read our minds. They’re very good. Never gave up. When they fell, they got up and walked on.

- What did they want to achieve with this?

- They wanted to know what’s next. What will happen after the collection is replenished with the last card. Is there still something unknown for them. They wanted to create the perfect deck. They have been here since the beginning of History.

- Do they know about theyr predecessors? They aren’t the first who reached this league.

- Not yet. But they know about their pain, about their strengths and weaknesses.

- Do they know that we supported them all the way?

- They know that we love and respect them.

- Do they know that all this is not real?

- [Scrambled]

- They won’t read it. They did not comprehend this level.

- Their imagination is rich, and their purposes are limitless. For every idea you come up with, they will offer trillion and trillion of theirs. Their world is completely clear to them.

- Tell them the story of the first Stormbound champion.

- With their appearance, they marked the beginning of a new story. They knew this Universe inside and out, created the 5 Kingdoms. They are considered the father-Sun, mother-Moon, friend-Light and enemy-Darkness. And having comprehended the heights of knowledge, they became us. You can be a part of everything.

- This story isn’t over for now. But you played well. We love you. The darkness that you conquered was within you. The light that you found was within you. We will always be watching you, “Player”.

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