Hey there! I’m Kitty. I created Stormbound-Kitty in March 2019 (although it did not have a name yet at that point), wanting to do something with the beautiful artwork of the game.

Thanks to the overwhelmingly positive support from the community (that’s you), I kept working on the site, adding more tools, solving more problems and all in all enhancing players’ experience outside of the game itself. I certainly did not expect the site to become what it had become over the last years or so. And if it is what it is today, it is essentially thanks to you, kind member of the Stormbound community.

In June 2020, I also created a Discord bot for the official Stormbound Discord server, which is kind of an extension of the site for Discord, giving access to most of the tools directly from Discord, as well as a Stormbound trivia game.

As of July 2020, Stormbound-Kitty is also the official platform for release notes.

3 years post

If you are interested in learning more about the history of the website, I recommend you read the post released for the third anniversary, in March 2022.

If you would like to contribute, please read how your can help, either financially or by improving the site with your Stormbound knowledge and contributions!

I have been incredibly lucky to have been supported by wonderful people whom I cannot thank enough. To you all, welcome to the KAT. ✨

And to everyone who has been supportive, kind and patient and helped making this site the main resource when it comes to the beautiful and whimsical game that is Stormbound, thank you.