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Working on the website and the Discord bot takes a lot of my time, time I cannot spend with my family, friends or my cats. Don’t get me wrong, I love this project to bits, and I invest in it because I feel like it and want to. That being said, having support from the community allows me to:

Financial support

Financial contributions help cover minor costs such as hosting, privacy-oriented analytics and domain names, as well as generally allowing me to spend more time working on the site during my free time.

If you would like to help, you can make one-time donations via credit card through Gumroad—a secure platform for online purchases (PayPal is unfortunately no longer supported, I’m sorry 😔). The amount is totally up to you, from $4 and up. Don’t ruin yourself, donate as little or as much as you feel like or can. You can visit my Gumroad page or click the “Support Stormbound-Kitty” link below.

If you do donate, please do let me know on Discord so I can add a donation entry to your page on Stormbound-Kitty, or will create one if you don’t have one yet. Thank you so much! 🙏

Thank you so much to these generous donators* (in alphabetical order):.

Non-financial support

If you do not want or simply cannot afford a financial contribution to Stormbound-Kitty, fear not! There are plenty of ways for you to contribute without spending a cent:

  • We have plenty featured decks, but it’s sometimes hard to maintain that collection up to date with the meta. If you could point out which decks should be removed because no longer competitive, that would be helpful!
  • Guides tend to be outdated as time goes by and the game gets updated. Having them reviewed every now and then ensures the information they contain remains valuable and helpful for people relying on these guides.
  • People really like Stormbound puzzles, but not many are being added. If you would like to suggest new puzzles, I’m sure that would make a lot of people happy!
  • The Equals Tier List needs to be updated on a monthly basis to reflect balance changes. We tend to only update it every few months, which makes it less useful, so feel free to help improving it!
  • The value calculator is pretty experimental. Some cards have questionable results, and some cards are not implemented at all. It would be great to have help figuring out how to best compute the value of some cards.

Thank you so much to these helpful contributors (in alphabetical order):


(*) Donations being anonymous, I might have missed some. If you have issued a donation but are not mentioned, please kindly let me know so I can fix that mistake. Along the same lines, if you would like not to figure in that list, also do let me know.