Tribes of the Shadowfen

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Story by Giraudy


Adorable. That was the word. I’m honestly surprised it took me so long to think of it. Adorable. That’s what they called me, every time I would peer o…

Story by Primal


The sturdy wooden bars that stood between us and our captors had replaced the rage and resentment with hopelessness and submissiveness. They treated u…

Story by Zethes

Blood Ministers

A touch of this and a pinch of that was all the Blood Ministers really desired. They were really warlocks at heart, with magic flowing through their v…

Story by Xcircle

Broodmother Qordia

Long ago, in our misty green swamps, the earth split open and released beasts of unknown power. Some of which, being us. Well, that story has been tol…

Poem by HylandMoon

Lost Faith

“They have no authority They roam free They join the majority They could always foresee They have lost faith --- They will betray They welcome change…

Story by HylandMoon

Shadowfen: Unification

It was long ago, in the swamps lived many tribes of ravens and toads. All the tribes were separated from each other without order. This was a chaotic…

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