Always Neutral

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Story by MorreXD

A Matter of Duty

As a Joust Champion, I shall travel around my nation to compete in tournaments, so my people can be released from their arduous lives and enjoy numero…

Story by Zyries


Flames. Green, at that. That’s the only reason they kept me. I had the ability to produce sparks and fire from my very hands ever since I…

Story by Pepegak

Avian Stalkers

*Avian Stalkers:* No one knows how they came to be. No one knows why they’re here. No one likes it when they show up. Especially enemies. Some elders…

Story by DoppleFock


“In records of old, tales tell of a weapon not seen since the days of the Gray Legion's dominion. Hidden within one of their ancient citadels, a trove…

Story by Zyries


My black coat flapped in the wind, not dissimilar from my own. Short in stature, I looked more like a bulky child than a threat. But, unfortunately, I…

Story by Zyries

Chloerós Floiós

A fancy way to say it. Experiment: 156. I don't even need to say the name for you to remember what it was, hm? Maybe you'll learn…

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