Bound by the Storm

Discover the amazing tales from the community about the lore and embark on a mythical journey through myths and legends.


Ironclad Union

The rodents of Ironclad occupy one of the richest rocks in the skies. They are very intelligent and industrious, and use constructs for their hard labor.


Tribes of the Shadowfen

This unusual alliance formed in the swamps of Shadowfen, the Toads and Ravens use the environment as weapons against their opponents.


Winter Pact

Slow and steady wins the race. Rely on controlling your enemy, ramping up to big creatures and finish the game with a bang, a big bang.


Swarm of the East

The oldest kingdoms is that of the undead. They are a powerful and aggressive race, and due to their speed and big army size, they are referred to as “The Swarm”.


Always Neutral

Never pick a side yet always keep fighting.

Eastern Heat

Eastern Heat

The epic Eastern Heat saga by Zyries.

March of Fauns

March of Fauns

The epic March of Fauns saga by SirToast.

Second Storm

The Second Storm

The epic Second Storm saga by ChickenCurry.