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ArthisRoo seeks to push the boundaries of deck innovation at the highest level while uploading daily content!

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Frostkhan is a high-rank player producing a lot of Stormbound videos when they experiment with various decks and strategies, especially during Brawls.

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Emkaem is a former member of Paladin Studios, the original company behind Stormbound and has been playing and creating content since the early days of the game. Feel free to say “Hi” during one of his weekly streams!

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LazyLotazo is a popular Stormbound Youtuber regularly creating new videos.

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Stratarts is an avid Spanish gamer and active member of the community who mainly uploads brawl videos.

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MisterP93 is a high-level Stormbound player frequently uploading gameplay videos on his YouTube channel.

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Subaiku is a member of the Brewed Sages podcast and popular Stormbound player showcasing gameplay in Diamond and Heroes League.

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The Popular Eagle

The Popular Eagle (TPE for short) is a long time Stormbound Youtuber, having created content and guides since as far back as 2018. TPE is also on Twitter and Discord.

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Playing since October 2018, ThomasTheTrain is a Stormbound veteran always looking for ways to get an edge in the game.

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Alster Skyreader

Alster Skyreader is a ”wish of destruction” player who consistently plays in the Heroes League and shares his matches on YouTube.

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RecklessRush is a popular Stormbound community manager known for his eponymous deck which focuses on aggressive rush strategies.

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Arasanu is a kind and strong veteran in Stormbound who helped many people increase their skill by publishing videos. If you have yet not heard of him, go check out his content!

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