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On this page, you can find some data visualization for your card collection. Start by setting up your card collection. In the mean time, the visualised collection contains all cards in the game at level 1.

All charts titled with “(Stones)” rely on the cost of each card. A card cost is computed based on its current level in your collection and the amount of extra copies you have of that card before the next level.

Find below some helpful metrics about your card collection:

  • Total valueWhat is the collection value?: fusion stone 3,800 fusion stones (5.04%)
  • Average card level: 1.00
  • Upgradable cards: 0
  • Coins after exchange: coin 0 coins
  • Missing cards: 0
  • Fortress level: 13 and ~48%

To bring your entire collection to , you still need:

  • 3920 common copies out of 4000 (2.00% completed) or fusion stone 11,760 fusion stones, and coin 116,000 coins for the upgrades
  • 3000 rare copies out of 3075 (2.44% completed) or fusion stone 21,000 fusion stones, and coin 108,750 coins for the upgrades
  • 1508 epic copies out of 1560 (3.33% completed) or fusion stone 22,620 fusion stones, and coin 75,400 coins for the upgrades
  • 540 legendary copies out of 567 (4.76% completed) or fusion stone 16,200 fusion stones, and coin 39,150 coins for the upgrades

To figure out the odds of finding a specific card in a certain book, be sure to check the books calculator. To learn more about your regular resources and cards income, use the income calculator.