Hero Calculator

What is this

The Hero Score is a player’s score defined by the amount of Hero Crowns they possess. These crowns are gained or lost after every game played in the Diamond and the Heroes league.

The new Hero Score is computed from the former Hero Score with the following formula:

As of May 2021, losses are limited to elo crown -10 Hero Crowns and gains are at least of elo crown 5 Hero Crowns.

Here are the terms:

  • S’A is the new Hero Score
  • SA is the current Hero Score
  • K is the coefficient factor (sometimes named “K-factor” in elo rating systems) and works like in FIDE:
  • W is either 1 in case of a win, 0 for a loss
  • SB is the opponent’s score; the difference between SA and SB is capped to 400 to avoid causing too much fluctuations in case of uneven matchmaking


Game outcome


Given a current Hero Score of 1000 (with a coefficient of 20), and having lost against an opponent with a Hero Score of 1000, your new Hero Score is estimated to be:



(*) The coefficient factor (K) is 40 until the player has done at least 30 matches in Diamond—regardless of their outcome—or if they have reached the Heroes League with less matches then that. Then it resets to 0. And then for another 30 matches in Heroes League, the coefficient is 40 again.