Swarm of the East

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Story by Zyries

A Princess and Her Herd

Once upon a time lived a princess. This princess loved to twirl her scythes. She loved to help her parents with the daily harvest. But mos…

Poem by MooreFunn

Beast’s Reign

“My velvet skin as my coverin’, I will fight for all my kin, As I brush through the desert sand, I trek this land with my axe in hand. --- The multitu…

Story by DoppleFock

Dark Harvest

Nearly all members of the Swarm are trained in what is known as the “Harvest”, a martial art that incorporates the use of a scythe to swiftly dismembe…

Story by Kepp


*A huge explosion, the structure trembles but the flaming red meteor hits its target* Dark Nothing I wake up. My head hurts, everyth…

Story by HurgusBurgus


A surprisingly smart satyr formation, the “Dopplebocks” formation consists of two contingents of satyrs forming a column, with the second rushing forw…

Story by HurgusBurgus


The Dreadfauns of the swarm are a plentiful division. Rather than forming a single force, these satyrs split up their contingent into smaller herds. T…

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