Bound by the Storm

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Story by MooreFunn

About the Unbound

Dear Sir Edrik, The new recruits have been trained and are ready to see first combat. I have confidence in these few, they seem rather gifted…

Poem by MooreFunn

Sea Queen

“Come now! my faithless crew, stop your chords there’s things to do. --- A hefty monster guards the sea, a quest for loot sounds good to me.” --- (We…

Story by Overkill99

Sisters Pact

Faygan stood up straight and winced as his back protested. More and more he was feeling the effects of his age and profession. Being a farmer wasn’t e…

Story by Debnath

The Coldest Day of Winter

The cold night of the tundra is familiarly warm for the dwarves of the West. Gathered Among the Hearth that their king built that night they chant the…

Story by Pepegak

The Player

Are you talking about the “Player”? They reached the highest, Diamond First, league. They can read our minds. They’re very good. Never gave up. When t…

Story by Pepegak

The Union

Hundreds of knights die in this war, while the army of undead only grows. The Council of Knights of the Round Table has decided to seek help from the…

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