Ironclad Union

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Story by blackdoruk

A Remembering Construct

It has been years since this war started. And it looks like it will not end in the near future. The empire has fallen. Everyone wants their freedom. B…

Story by Minethetekit

Chaotic Pupil

Chaotic Pupil was a prodigy in the art of destruction, and his skill only flourished more when Crazy Bombers took him as an apprentice. As the you…

Story by Xcircle


PROCESSING… [DATA LOGS FOUND] [INCIDENT REPORT #8256 HAS BEEN SELECTED] 4-6-•••• *OFFENSES:* Resisting detainment, Failure to show…

Story by YoungestMammal


It was not like the others. It had broken from its formation. There it stood in the marsh, in plain sight, undisturbed by the murkiness and thickness…

Story by DoppleFock

Doctor Mia

As a member of the Ironclad Division of Education, I claim my job as a tutor with utmost dignity. Truly, there is no greater joy than helping foster w…

Story by Minethetekit

Eloth the Ignited

Today was a peaceful day for everyone. There was no fighting at all, except at the Dusty Plains. A mighty black dragon with cracks on his skin rev…

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