Stormbound Trivia

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Stormbound, like many games is full of a little pieces of trivia. Some are very well known like which cards refer to whom, and some are a bit more eccentric. Find below a list of all known trivia:

Card names

Paladin Studios, the original studio behind Stormbound before it got handed over to Sheepyard and then to Stormbound Games, named some cards after some members of the teams, and active community members.

  • Archdruid Earyn was named after Arano, the origin lead designer for the game.
  • Spare Dragonling was named after Aspareforyou, a popular Kongregate forum user.
  • Conflicted Drakes was named after Conflicter, a former player moderator of the official Discord and guide on the forums and Reddit.
  • Ludic Matriarchs was named after Ludo88, a popular Kongregate forum user.
  • Dangerous Suitors was named after Dan Su, an early Stormbound youtuber.
  • Greengale Serpents was named after Gale, an early player who helped conceptualize a lot of cards.
  • Embers of Chaos was named after Emkaem, a former Paladin Studios employee, Discord moderator and popular streamer.
  • Wandering Wyrms was named after Wander, a former Discord/Reddit moderator, and Wiki contributor.
  • Sunbeam Serpents was named after Sunny, an early player who created a (now offline) Stormbound site.
  • Dreadful Keepers was named after Kepp, a Discord moderator and tournament organizer.
  • Draconic Roamers was named after Omer, a player since the beta-test version.
  • Yowling Weavers was named after Ayanami, a day 1 player and Discord moderator.
  • Broken Earth Drakes was named after FrozenEarth, a Discord moderator and main Wiki author.
  • Sparkly Kitties was named after Kitty, yours truly.
  • Rogue Sheep is the first and only sheep in the game and was introduced by Sheepyard when they took over Stormbound development as an effigy to the studio.
  • Reckless Rushers was named after RecklessRush, a popular community member known for his aggressive playstyle with Swarm.
  • Divine Reptiles was named after DVRP, a community member responsible for the Korean version of the patch notes, as well as many in-game translations.

Some other things you might or might not know about card names:

  • Trueshot Post was not named after the Kongregate moderator; the latter named themselves after the card.
  • Sweetcap Kittens was not named after Kitty; it was planned before the site got popular.

Loading texts

Some cards from the game—most of which are legendary—have some trivia texts that are displayed during loading time when queuing for a game.

  • Collector Mirz: As a child, he started his collection with toys and rocks. Now, he is gathering wealth and warriors.
  • Ubass the Hunter: Never look a predator directly in its eyes. Luckily, these are not his eyes.
  • Tegor the Vengeful: An enchanted die, swallowed by Tegor as a young dragonling, spark magical abilities when he enrages.
  • Archdruid Earyn: “Make love, not war,” she said, before raining down arcane spells on her enemies.
  • Archdruid Earyn (old): As one of the few elven survivors of the Shattering, she learned to use her magical gifts to survive in the wilds.
  • Siren of the Seas: Though she can seduce anyone with her harp, she is still searching for true love.
  • Doctor Mia: Her full title is Doctor of Science, Arts, Ministry, and Education. It’s all the same to her.
  • Eloth the Ignited: Rodents can upgrade anything, even a mighty dragon like Eloth!
  • Project PH03-NIX: Originally called Prolonged Hero 03, his creators added “nix” when they found out his renewal doesn’t always work.
  • Tode the Elevated: Chosen by the ravens to be adored by the toads.
  • Broodmother Qordia: She has found the perfect alliance in Shadowfen, as they also love hatching eggs and plans.
  • High Priestess Klaxi: So… who of you will be today‘s offering?
  • Counselor Ahmi: Want my advice? Simply do everything I tell you to as fast as possible.
  • Xuri, Lord of Life: Who’s better to lead an army of Undead than the Lord of Life?
  • Queen of Herds: She buries the living and raises the dead. Sometimes by accident.
  • Spellbinder Zhevana: Having studied ancient magic, she uncovered how to extract the mana crystals from her enemies.
  • Lady Rime: When singing to a crescent moon, the lady gains the goddess’ boon.
  • Olf the Hammer: He uses his mighty twin hammers for everything: to win battles, craft armor, repair buildings and as a cushion.
  • Siro the Resurrector: Lives in both the under and upper worlds. Thanks to this, Siro knows the essence of multidimensional existence, that there’s no point to be afraid of draft, but only of not living fully.
  • Temple of Time: Time is not linear. Past, present and future are all going at the same time, only separated by the illusion. This temple allows its user to go beyond it and draw power from other moments in the infinite ocean of time.
  • Temple of Space: “You are not in control here” an invisible border created by this temple said to the intruder. The power of influence over this construction is great, it can even determine where… the area can manifest itself.

Additionally, the following card has a loading text despite not being a legendary card:

  • Temple of Focus: Holds a scroll of wisdom which is said to say: “Control your focus, it determines your reality.”
  • Temple of Life: Winter always seeks to preserve the reality it encounters, forgetting that being stuck in the same moment in time is no differen than death. This temple reminds us that the only constant in life is growing transformation.
  • Temple of the Heart: Build to amplify resonance with the unifying field of the universe. Anyone who shares the experience of its power knows the true meaning of being one.
  • Temple of the Mind: The complexity of the world is too big for the mind to grasp its wholeness. Despite that, this temple was constructed to do it anyway, falling into the same trap, becoming more and more complicated and therefore deadly-confusing to use.


There seems to be a preferred type of weapons for most unit types in the game:

  • Toads: axes
  • Ravens: staves
  • Undead: scythes
  • Satyrs: spears
  • Dwarves: hammers
  • Frostlings: staves
  • Rodents: bombs
  • Knights: lances
  • Pirates: guns
  • Felines: claws

Design rules

  • Cards with a healing effect typically display a green leaf.
  • Cards with a spawning effect typically have outlines in the back.
  • Toads typically have a color in their name.
  • Constructs borrow terminology from engineering.

Animated UI elements

Some interface elements, such as Edrik the Fierce on the home screen, or some background islands in the desktop version of the game, can be clicked/tapped to show a little animation.


Many of the quests in the game are simple and easy to understand. However, there are some interesting cases when completing any quest that requires you to spawn token units.

Usually, spawning tokens involve token units. There are token units for every single unit type in the game. But what happens when you are spawning structures or even copies of non-vanilla cards? Pepegak discovered these notable scenarios:

Gravitational acceleration

ArthisRoo and Troxyz from Discord took some time to calculate the acceleration due to gravity in Stormbound (or rather, on Stormbound islands).

To do so, they used some in-game graphics as a scale, such as the hippo we can see in one of the pool. The average length of a hippo is about 4.25m. For the vertical scale, they used a human knight with an average height of 1.7m. Based on that, they realised that every tile is 5x5m wide (provided they are squares).

Then, they needed to compute the angle of elevation, since the board is not seen directly from above, but slightly from the side. Based on the distortion of the vertical scale relative to the forward scale, they got an angle of perspective of 55.48 degrees from the horizontal.

A human knight and hippo used as measurement scales
The fall of a toad at 0.25x speed

Then, they needed to figure out how fast toads from Rain of Frogs fall from a particular height. They could not use the animation of the toad falling since it is already falling at terminal velocity. Instead, they took the animation of the toad bouncing and falling back down. They found the peak height of the toad bounce to be 5.577m vertically, and it took 0.115s to fall that distance from rest.

The acceleration due to gravity is 843m/s^2 in the Stormbound universe.

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