March of Fauns

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Story by SirToast

1. A Lonesome Company

The heat wore on my back, blistering, yet I was used to it at this point. I was a satyr, not a fancy dreadfaun, not a herald, just a satyr, part of th…

Story by SirToast

2. Quagmire

At long last, we passed the night. We awoke at the crack of dawn, when the sun was still rising, casting an orange glow over the sky just as it had do…

Story by SirToast

3. Solemn Footsteps

The sound of a horn rang throughout our ears. We emerged from the undergrowth, us horde members, the dreadfauns, the wasteland elders, our pan heralds…

Story by SirToast

4. Weary Marching

Marching away from the swamps, and the battleground, we went back to our camp. There, we sharpened our weapons, and watched the fauns hand out blades…

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