Income Calculator

What is this

This income calculator helps you figure out how many fusion stone stones, ruby rubies, coin coins and cards you make during a certain time frame based on your play-style.

Fill the form on the right, and change the period by clicking “Daily” in the outcome section.

Special thanks to Oeni (.oeni) and Roman (roman_nfp) for their help in designing and making this simulator possible.






This calculator does not take into consideration victory bonuses from the Brawl.


daily Income

On a daily basis, and given your current play style, you would collect the following resources:

  • coin 0 coins
  • ruby 0 rubies
  • fusion stone 0 fusion stones

As well as:

  • common card 0 common cards
  • rare card 0 rare cards
  • epic card 0 epic cards
  • legendary card 0 legendary cards