Eastern Heat

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Story by Zyries

1. Breaking the Binds

The bands’ melodious chimes swam through the air as if the wearisome humidity were at a civil war. The guests stepped and clapped in sync, acting as t…

Story by Zyries

2. Empyrean Authority

“Excuse me, my liege,” The agent bowed, nose turned to the ground. His coppery hair tied back into a neat ponytail, his cleanliness defied the stigma…

Story by Zyries

3. Never Alone

You can be different… Oh, how wrong she was, Kepp thought. How unfortunately wrong. The blood clinging to his maw was dried easily in the brisk winds…

Story by Zyries

4. Unwilling Initiates

“Here, your benevolence, is the Eastern drake we captured.” “Brilliant. Bring him to the Bulwark.” Kepp’s blurry vision virtually made him blind as he…

Story by Zyries

5. Savior from the Umbra

“And so when was the last time you saw Fi- Kitty?” The felines sniffled and dabbed the corners of their eyes with light handkerchiefs. “The night befo…

Story by Zyries

6. Draconius Bellum

“What? We don’t have to-” Kamen leaped and tackled Kepp, growling mercilessly. He snarled, smoky drool dripping from his jaws. “I will not go hungry t…

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