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Stratadox is one of the generous contributors who can make Stormbound-Kitty a reality. Thank you and welcome to the KAT!

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    Stratadox’s Stormbound player ID is 1002436724. Consider adding them to your friend list in the game so you can play together.
  • Stratadox has organized, alongside Troxyz, Tornado Tournament.
    The Tornado Tournament brought deck building into the fights as well. With the use of a web interface, combatants had to ban, pick and mandate cards together with their opponent.
  • Stratadox has written a playstyle guide called Green Prototypes.
    In this guide, Stratadox expands on why Green Prototypes is the most versatile card in the game, listing many situations in which this card makes the difference.
  • Stratadox has issued a generous donation to Stormbound-Kitty.
  • Stratadox has won the 🥉 bronze medal in Renaissance Tournament.
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    • 3mana
      Brothers in Arms1
    • 3mana
      Collector Mirz1
    • 3mana
    • 3mana
      The Hearth1
    • 3mana
      Yowling Weavers1
    • 5mana
      Frozen Core1
    • 5mana
    • 6mana
    • 6mana
    • 6mana
      Tegor the Vengeful1
    • 7mana
    • 9mana
      Gift of the Wise1
  • Stratadox has won, alongside FrozenEarth and Vaultence, the 🥈 silver medal in Reckless Draft 1.