D-Bots and Prayers

By  EteMorSoup · April 2022Back to puzzles


Kill all enemy units and structures.

The following restrictions apply:

  • RNG-friendly: All RNG goes in your favor.


Spoilers! Click here to reveal the solution.

First, play Ember of Chaos on B3 to let them walk to B4.

Then, play Temple of Space on B3 as well. Because there are no Temple of Space on the board, the card comes back in hand. It can be played again on C4. This causes the enemy Scrapped Planners to get teleported to B5 and the friendly Ember of Chaos to get teleported to C5. Linked Golems cannot be teleported because of the Unstable Build.

Then, play Destructobots on B4. Their ability destroys Unstable Build (thanks to RNG being favorable), and they set Scrapped Planners back to 5 strength.

Finally, play Armed Schemers on B3 to clear all enemy units.


How to play?
Puzzles are not actually playable, like a real Stormbound game would. The puzzle showcases a static snapshot of a game, and it’s up to you to figure out which moves would need to be played in order to solve the puzzle.
Is it really solvable?
This puzzle was designed by EteMorSoup in April 2022. If you believe the aforementioned solution does not work for any reason, please reach out to the author or Kitty on Discord.