Strategic Positioning

By  bigenemy000 · April 2022Back to puzzles


Set back the enemy line in this turn.

The following restrictions apply:

  • Anti-RNG: Nothing goes right without 100% precision.


Spoilers! Click here to reveal the solution.

First off, Flaming Stream is used on the C column to hit and push gifted recruits and Diehards. This will destroy Gifted Recruits and leave Diehards alive and bordering the opponent base.

Then Armed Schemers is played on D1, pulling Warfront Runners on the left and destroying both Lost Psyches and Warfront Runners.

Then Windmakers are played on A1 to attack Lasting Remains, which won’t be killed but will be pushed to the opponent base. Windmakers will also move the frontline up to the third row, making possible to play Headless Hotheads in B3 which will be attacking and destroying Pillars of Doom.


How to play?
Puzzles are not actually playable, like a real Stormbound game would. The puzzle showcases a static snapshot of a game, and it’s up to you to figure out which moves would need to be played in order to solve the puzzle.
Is it really solvable?
This puzzle was designed by bigenemy000 in April 2022. If you believe the aforementioned solution does not work for any reason, please reach out to the author or Kitty on Discord.