Update 08-2021

By  Kitty · Official · 08/2021Back to releases

Hello Stormbounders! A new version of Stormbound is coming early August, bringing balance changes, a new card, and some further Brawl developments!

Important notice

While I have your attention, please remember the pandemic is not over, even if you have been vaccinated. You can still carry the disease and make people sick.

So wear a mask and avoid unnecessary travels—especially if you live in an area with rampant COVID-19 cases. It takes everyone’s effort to slow down this pandemic. Do the right thing. 🙏

(Update) Hotfix coming

A small hotfix version is coming at the end of the first week of August to fix a few things from this release that were not caught during beta testing. Namely:

  • A fix for the visual glitch with Temple of Time. Only one of the units/structures affected by Temple of Time’s ability would show the corresponding particle effect.
  • A fix for the visual glitch where losing a match with two extra slots—one filled and one not—would display both of them as lost during the loss animation sequence (returning to Brawl selection screen would display the correct heart state again).
  • A fix for the visual glitch where playing Queen of Herds with satyrs stolen by Rogue Sheep or Harvester of Souls would display incorrect card during ability animation.
  • A fix for Rogue Sheep’s inability to copy spell cards from the opponent’s hand.

Balance changes

This release, like any other, brings some balance changes.

  • Temple of Life’s ability now considers all friendly units (instead of surrounding only), but affects less units at all levels (from 2/3/4/5/6 to 1/2/2/3/3). It also attemps to spawn a 1-strength copy of itself on the tile behind, like a tree expanding its roots. Additionally, its strength has been decreased by 1 (from 3/4/5/6/7 to 2/3/4/5/6).
  • Temple of the Mind’s ability still triggers at the start of the turn but now grants (or removes if already present) fixedly forward movement to the leftmost unit in the hand, then destroys the weakest confused unit on the board.
  • Queen of Herds’ strength is now 8/10/12/12/14 (up from 6/8/10/10/12).
  • Blood Ministers’ strength is now 5/6/7/8/10 (up from 3/4/5/6/8).
  • Rogue Sheep now costs 4 mana (down from 6) and its strength is now 3/4/5/6/7 (up from 2/3/4/5/7). Additionally, its ability is reworked from scratch and activates on play instead of on death. It now draws up to 1/1/2/2/3 card copies from the enemy’s hand, and reduces the mana cost of these copies by 1. Card copies can be cycled like normal cards but they are single-use. They do not go back into the deck once they’ve been played once.

Quite uniquely, Rogue Sheep owners will be compensated with the usual rewards despite the card being reworked and overall buffed. We decided to do so because you’re effectively “losing” a card you might have invested your resources in.

Nerf compensation

As usual, some compensation in the form of coins and fusion stones will be provided to owners of Rogue Sheep, proportional to the level and rarity of the card. Find below the compensation values for each rarity and level.

  • legendary card  Legendary card: fusion stone 1 fusion stone at level 1, coin 20 coins and fusion stone 5 fusion stones at level 2, coin 50 coins and fusion stone 10 fusion stones at level 3, coin 150 coins and fusion stone 20 fusion stones at level 4, coin 300 coins and fusion stone 50 fusion stones at level 5.

New card

Another temple card will come early August, the Temple of Time! As its name might suggest, it plays with the flow of the game, restoring friendly units and structures to the state from the previous turn.

Temple of Time
Temple of Time

At the end of your turn, remember the state of surrounding friendly units and structures. At the start of your turn, restore 1 of them

Level 1
Temple of Time
Temple of Time

At the end of your turn, remember the state of surrounding friendly units and structures. At the start of your turn, restore 2 of them

Level 2
Temple of Time
Temple of Time

At the end of your turn, remember the state of surrounding friendly units and structures. At the start of your turn, restore 2 of them

Level 3
Temple of Time
Temple of Time

At the end of your turn, remember the state of surrounding friendly units and structures. At the start of your turn, restore 3 of them

Level 4
Temple of Time
Temple of Time

At the end of your turn, remember the state of surrounding friendly units and structures. At the start of your turn, restore 3 of them

Level 5

As usual, there will be an exclusive pack to quickly get access to the new card, for a week after its release date. To celebrate Sheepyard’s first anniversary taking care of the game, there will also be a Sheepyard Pack available, as well as a Rogue Sheep pack.

Sheepyard pack ($9.99): 1 random legendary card, 50 fusion stones, 100 rubies and 500 coins

It will be available between July 29th and August 1st at $9.99, and will grant the following :

  • 1 random legendary card
  • coin 500 coins
  • ruby 100 rubies
  • fusion stone 50 fusion stones
Rogue Sheep pack ($9.99): 1 copy of Rogue Sheep, 5 fusion stones, 750 coins

It will be available for a week from August 1st at $9.99, and will grant the following :

Temple of Time ($9.99): 1 copy of Temple of Time, 5 fusion stones and 750 coins

It will be available for a week from August 15th at $9.99, and will grant the following :

Brawl bonuses

The second part of the new heart system will be introduced in late July in the form of Brawl winning bonuses.

The idea is that after every victory in Brawl, the player will be offered one of two random bonuses, amongst a set of 9 different possible bonuses (see the complete list below). Some of them will provide resources while some will improve the player’s livelihood in Brawl by redeeming and refilling hearts.

A player begins a Brawl adventure in the selected tier with 3 full green hearts (just like it is right now). When losing a match, a player loses one heart (it gets emptied and red). If all hearts are lost, then the player’s crowns get reset to the beginning of the current milestone.

Choice between 2 bonuses after a victory in Brawl
Crowns for milestone 2

The amount of crowns to reach the second milestone of any of the 3 Brawls is now crown 7 crowns instead of crown 10 crowns.

Here is the breakdown of every victory bonus:

Life/Lives Up bonuses

Picking these bonuses will refill a heart (or all hearts), giving the player extra chances to climb the milestones without being reset to the start of the current milestone.

These bonuses can only be found if there are hearts to refill.

Rusty Slot

Picking this bonus will grant the player an extra heart slot (up to 5 heart slots in total). This heart needs to be refilled with a life/lives up before it can withstand a loss. Once the player loses a life from this slot, the slots destroys itself.

Rusty slots also get destroyed on milestone reset (but not on milestone progress).

Slot Solidify

Picking this bonus will make one of the player’s rusty slots indestructible. From there on, it behaves like one of three default slots: it can withstand multiple losses (and get refilled multiple times), and never gets destroyed.

This bonus can only be found if the player has a rusty heart slot.

Ice Armor

Picking this bonus will give an Ice Armor to the first full heart (from the left). After a loss, the Ice Armor gets destroyed while keeping the heart beneath it intact.

Ice Armors also get destroyed upon milestone progress.

Fortress Up bonus

Picking this bonus will increase the Fortress Level of the player by 1 within the current Brawl difficulty and only for Brawl matches. It will not increase the Fortress Level beyond the cap for that Brawl. This bonus cannot be drawn if already capped.

Resources bonuses

Picking these bonuses will immediately grant the player a certain amount of resources, varying based on the Brawl difficulty and milestone.

  • The Coins bonus can be obtained from the very first milestone onwards. Its rewards can go up to coin 100 coins in Casual, coin 250 coins in Warrior and coin 500 coins in Ultimate.
  • The Rubies bonus can be obtained from milestone 3 onwards and can go up to ruby 25 rubies in Casual, ruby 50 rubies in Warrior and ruby 100 rubies in Ultimate.
  • The Fusion Stones can be obtained from milestone 5 onwards and bonus can go up to fusion stone 3 fusion stones in Casual, fusion stone 10 fusion stones in Warrior and fusion stone 25 fusion stones in Ultimate.
Brawl tracker

The Brawl tracker has been updated to take these bonuses into account. You can now record which bonus you picked with every victory, and the loss counter will reflect that.

Cheapened Brawl

Similar to previous events, the Brawl starting on July 29th (and only that one) is going to be cheaper. All fights will be 10% off. Owners of the Premium Pass will also have their usual discount applied, leading to a 20% reduction.

Here are the adjusted values for every milestone:

Required crownsCost per matchReward once reached
crown 7 crownscoin 0 coins (0)coin 10 coins
crown 20 crownscoin 5 coins (0)1 Humble Book
crown 35 crownscoin 5 coins (-5)ruby 5 rubies
crown 50 crownscoin 5 coins (-15)fusion stone 1 fusion stone
crown 70 crownscoin 5 coins (-25)ruby 15 rubies
crown 95 crownscoin 5 coins (-35)rare card 1 rare card
crown 125 crownscoin 5 coins (-45)fusion stone 7 fusion stones
crown 160 crownscoin 10 coins (-55)ruby 60 rubies
crown 200 crownscoin 10 coins (-70)rare card 5 rare cards
crown 250 crownscoin 10 coins (-90)ruby 200 rubies
Brawl calculator

To calculate how far you can go with a given amount of coins, or how much it will cost you to reach a certain milestone, be sure to use the Brawl calculator. It makes it possible to define a certain Brawl discount as well.

Books update

Four new books will be introduced, all available to buy with rubies as usual. We hope they help players sharpening their collection!

  • The new Book of Magic costs ruby 40 rubies and contains 3 spells with rarity odds being 50/30/20/0.
  • The new Book of Structures costs ruby 40 rubies and contains 3 structures with rarity odds being 50/30/15/5.
  • The new Book of Chaos costs ruby 50 rubies and contains 3 cards with the word “random” (or its localized equivalent) in their ability with rarity odds being 25/25/25/25.
  • The new Book of Legends costs ruby 120 rubies and contains legendary card 3 legendary cards.
Book of Magic
Book of Structures
Book of Chaos
Book of Legends

On top of that, some existing books will be updated to be more interesting:

  • The Book of Archdragons now costs ruby 90 rubies (down from ruby 120 rubies).
  • The Book of Dragons now costs ruby 40 rubies (down from ruby 60 rubies) and its rarity odds are now 20/60/15/5 (improved from 20/60/20/0).
  • The Book of Elders now costs ruby 40 rubies (down from ruby 60 rubies) and its rarity odds are now 0/60/35/5 (improved from 0/67/30/3).
  • The Book of Pirates now costs ruby 40 rubies (down from ruby 60 rubies) and its rarity odds are now 50/30/15/5 (improved from 55/25/15/5).
  • The Book of Felines now costs ruby 40 rubies (down from ruby 60 rubies).

Daily check-in redeeming

We are introducing a way to redeem some skipped days from the daily check-in calendar for both Premium and non-Premium users. Every day, you’ll be able to redeem a skipped day reward by watching an ad.

We hope this will help players with a more sporadic involvement with the game to still get all the rewards they need to progress.

Dialog window inviting the user to redeem a day from the daily check-in calendar or buy the Premium Pass


When is the update going to be released?

The balance changes will be deployed with the season reset as usual along with the compensation for Rogue Sheep. The changes to the Brawl will come live on the 29th of July, with the 10%-discounted Brawl. Temple of Time will be available from August 15th along with its promotional pack (for a week).

What are Rogue Sheep’s card copies?

“Card copies” (when used during a match) are single-use copies of cards produced by Rogue Sheep (and potentially some future other cards). They are not stolen cards as the opponent does not lose these cards, even temporarily. They are copies. They can be cycled as many times as desired, but get destroyed once played.

What happens if Rogue Sheep produces a card copy of Counselor Ahmi?

It works the way you would expect it to. The card copy would have the current strength of the opponent’s Counselor Ahmi’s card. The ability of the card copy of Counselor Ahmi would work just fine (although it would come back in hand costing 2 mana, not 3). But if it’s played in a way that the card would not come back in the hand, then the card copy is destroyed.

What happens if Rogue Sheep produces a card copy of Archdruid Earyn?

The card copy of Archdruid Earyn would not be able to play spells costing 7 mana, since its ability is based on the mana cost of the card, which would be 6 for the card copy.

What happens if Rogue Sheep produces a card copy of 0-mana token?

The card copy would cost 0 mana as well. There is no such thing as negative mana cost.

What happens if Rogue Sheep produces a card copy of another card copy?

The new card copy would cost 1 mana less than the card it copied, so 2 mana (or more if this process happens several times) less than the original card cost. With a minimum of 0 of course.

What happens if Queen of Herds or Archdruid Earyn randomly plays a card copy?

That card copy would be destroyed, just as if it was played normally.