Update 09-2021

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Hello Stormbounders! A new version of Stormbound is coming early September, bringing balance changes, a new card, and a lot of generous offers to celebrate Stormbound’s 4th anniversary!

Before we begin, let’s take a short moment to remember that the development team is currently quite fragmented due to well-deserved holidays in August and September, hence the releases being a little superficial. It will pick up some steam in October to deliver new exciting content soon!

Important notice

While I have your attention, please remember the pandemic is not over, even if you have been vaccinated. You can still carry the disease and make people sick.

So wear a mask and avoid unnecessary travels—especially if you live in an area with rampant COVID-19 cases. It takes everyone’s effort to slow down this pandemic. Do the right thing. 🙏

Balance changes

This release, just like any other, will bring some balance changes.

  • Stoic Protectors’ movement is now 1 (up from 0), strength is now 4/5/6/7/8 (up from 3/4/5/6/7) and their ability is now surrounding at all levels and triggers before moving instead of on play only. This introduces the before moving mechanic, now available for search in deck builder and collection manager on the site.
  • Chillbeards’ ability now grants 3/4/5/6/7 (down from 4/5/6/7/8) but is made to trigger on attack, regardless of position.
  • Ludic Matriarchs’ ability now triggers when played borderding at least 1 friendly dragon, instead of exactly 1 friendly dragon.
  • Mechanical Workers’ strength is now 5/6/7/8/9 (up from 4/5/6/7/8).
  • Rogue Sheep’s ability has been revamped to synergize with pirate cards in the hand of both players. The new ability at level 5 reads as such: “On play, draw 3 single-use non-pirate card copies from the enemy’s hand. If you have a pirate card in hand, reduce their mana cost by 1.”
Nerf compensation

As usual, some compensation in the form of coins and fusion stones will be provided to owners of Rogue Sheep, proportional to the level and rarity of the card. Find below the compensation values for each rarity and level.

  • legendary card  Legendary card: fusion stone 1 fusion stone at level 1, coin 20 coins and fusion stone 5 fusion stones at level 2, coin 50 coins and fusion stone 10 fusion stones at level 3, coin 150 coins and fusion stone 20 fusion stones at level 4, coin 300 coins and fusion stone 50 fusion stones at level 5.

New card

A new card will be introduced on September 23rd: Sparkly Kitties. I am beyond humbled getting a card dedicated to me in the game, especially on the 4 years anniversary mark, almost 2.5 years to the day after I launched Stormbound-Kitty. Thank you to the team, and thank you to the incredible Stormbound community.

Sparkly Kittiesfeline
Sparkly Kitties

On play, confuse itself then gain 2 speed

Level 1
Sparkly Kittiesfeline
Sparkly Kitties

On play, confuse itself then gain 2 speed

Level 2
Sparkly Kittiesfeline
Sparkly Kitties

On play, confuse itself then gain 2 speed

Level 3
Sparkly Kittiesfeline
Sparkly Kitties

On play, confuse itself then gain 2 speed

Level 4
Sparkly Kittiesfeline
Sparkly Kitties

On play, confuse itself then gain 2 speed

Level 5

The reason the card is marked as having 0 movement only to gain it on play is to avoid a confusing (no pun intended) movement tooltip in-game. If it had initial movement, the arrow would show moving forward twice, while this would not be the outcome.

Anniversary gifts

To celebrate this special event, anyone logging into the game on September 18th (and only that day) will receive the following bundle: coin 400 coinsruby 40 rubiesfusion stone 4 fusion stones and legendary card 1 legendary card.

On top of that, all coin gains will be doubled between September 17th and September 20th , except for quests. The coin cap will also be doubled for that timeframe, reaching coin 800 coins for all players, and coin 1,400 coins for Premium Pass holders.

Last but not least, all books will contain more cards between September 17th and September 20th. Books normally holding 3 cards will be contain 4, and books usually containing 6 cards (Mythic, Heroic and Classic) will yield 8!

Cheapened Brawl

Similar to previous events, the Brawl starting on September 16th (and only that one) is going to be cheaper. All fights will be 50% off. Owners of the Premium Pass will also have their usual discount applied, leading to a 60% reduction.

Here are the adjusted values for every milestone:

Required crownsCost per matchReward once reached
crown 7 crownscoin 0 coins (0)coin 10 coins
crown 20 crownscoin 5 coins (0)1 Humble Book
crown 35 crownscoin 5 coins (-5)ruby 5 rubies
crown 50 crownscoin 10 coins (-10)fusion stone 1 fusion stone
crown 70 crownscoin 15 coins (-15)ruby 15 rubies
crown 95 crownscoin 20 coins (-20)rare card 1 rare card
crown 125 crownscoin 25 coins (-25)fusion stone 7 fusion stones
crown 160 crownscoin 35 coins (-30)ruby 60 rubies
crown 200 crownscoin 40 coins (-40)rare card 5 rare cards
crown 250 crownscoin 50 coins (-50)ruby 200 rubies
Brawl calculator

To calculate how far you can go with a given amount of coins, or how much it will cost you to reach a certain milestone, be sure to use the Brawl calculator. It makes it possible to define a certain Brawl discount as well.

Exclusive offers

For those of you willing to put a few bucks into the game and supporting the creators, this anniversary event will introduce 4 special in-app purchases. They will all be available for a week from September 13th.

Unboosted tomes

Please note that the books granted by the following offers will yield the normal amount of cards, and no more. Extra cards in tomes will be exclusive to those that are bought with in-game resources.

For $4.99: 1 Mythic Tome + 100 Coins; For $19.99: 4 Mythic Tome + 4 Heroic Tomes + 500 coins; For $49.99: 10 Mythic Tomes + 10 Heroic Tomes + 10 Classic Tomes + 1500 coins; For $99.99: 20 Mythic Tomes + 20 Heroic Tomes + 20 Classic Tomes + 5000 coins + 50 fusion stones

The $4.99 pack will yield:

  • 1 Mythic Tome
  • coin 100 coins

The $19.99 pack will yield:

  • 4 Mythic Tomes
  • 4 Heroic Tomes
  • coin 500 coins

The $49.99 pack will yield:

  • 10 Mythic Tomes
  • 10 Heroic Tomes
  • 10 Classic Tomes
  • coin 1,500 coins

The $99.99 pack will yield:

  • 20 Mythic Tomes
  • 20 Heroic Tomes
  • 20 Classic Tomes
  • coin 5,000 coins
  • fusion stone 50 fusion stones

On top of that, every Ruby bundle will yield double the original amount of rubies. This is not time-bound, and effectively lasts forever until every bundle has been bought once.

Quality of life improvements

This release will bring 3 neat little quality of life improvements:

  • Search bar: the deck building and collection screens will now have a small search bar to filter cards by name, ability or type. This should make it easier to compose new decks, especially for the Brawl.
  • Shop refresh: it will now be possible to reroll the offers from the card shop once a day by watching an ad (or for free for Premium Pass holders). Note that only the cards that have not been bought would be refreshed.
  • Upcoming Brawls: the Brawl mode will now showcase which Brawls are coming, alongside their modifiers and rewards to better prepare from week to the next.
Anniversary event information dialog about all coins being doubled
Card shop tab information dialog offering to reroll the cards by watching an ad
Brawl tab now displaying the upcoming Brawls


When is the update going to be released?

The balance changes will be deployed with the season reset as usual along with the compensation for Rogue Sheep. The offers and gifts will come around the 18th of September since this is the anniversary day. The new card will come on September 23rd.