Event Anniversary

By  Kitty · Official · 09/2020Back to releases

On September 18th, Stormbound is turning 3 years old. That’s incredible that a prototype issued from a game-jam turned into the game we all like and play daily! Happy anniversary Boundy!

Going against the tradition, Stormbound is the one offering gifts on that special occasion. On the menu, four different things, enough to please everyone, whether paying or non-paying player.

To begin with, every player will receive a one-time bundle containing coin 330 coinsruby 30 rubies and fusion stone 3 fusion stones as well as legendary card 1 legendary card at random upon login.

All matches for the Brawl following the 18th of September will cost a third of their original price (rounded to the closest multiple of 5).

Here are the adjusted values for every milestone:

Required crownsCost per matchReward once reached
crown 10 crownscoin 0 coins (0)1 Humble Book
crown 20 crownscoin 10 coins (-10)ruby 5 rubies
crown 35 crownscoin 20 coins (-30)1 Classic Tome
crown 50 crownscoin 35 coins (-65)fusion stone 10 fusion stones
crown 70 crownscoin 50 coins (-100)1 Mythic Tome
crown 95 crownscoin 70 coins (-130)legendary card 1 legendary card
crown 125 crownscoin 85 coins (-165)fusion stone 50 fusion stones
crown 160 crownscoin 100 coins (-200)ruby 250 rubies
crown 200 crownscoin 135 coins (-265)legendary card 5 legendary cards
crown 250 crownscoin 165 coins (-335)fusion stone 200 fusion stones
Brawl calculator

To calculate how far you can go with a given amount of coins, or how much it will cost you to reach a certain milestone, be sure to use the Brawl calculator. It makes it possible to define a certain Brawl discount as well.

If you were waiting for an appealing sale to spend all your rubies, now is the time. Because between September 17th and September 20th, all books will contain 33% more cards. As a result:

  • Mythic, Heroic and Classic Tomes will yield 8 cards instead of 6.
  • Noble books will yield 4 cards instead of 3.
  • Humble books will still contain a single card.

For players who can afford or are willing to spend some money into the game, this 3rd anniversary brings exciting new limited one-time offers between September 17th and September 24th:

  • At $4.99: 1 Mythic Tome + coin 100 coins
  • At $19.99: 4 Mythic Tomes + 4 Heroic Tomes + coin 500 coins
  • At $49.99: 10 Mythic Tomes + 10 Heroic Tomes + 10 Classic Tomes + coin 1,500 coins
  • At $99.99: 20 Mythic Tomes + 20 Heroic Tomes + 20 Classic Tomes + coin 5,000 coinsfusion stone 50 fusion stones
$4.99 promotion: 1 Mythic Tome + 100 coins$10.99 promotion: 4 Mythic Tomes + 4 Heroic Tomes + 500 coins
$49.99 promotion: 10 Mythic Tomes + 10 Heroic Tomes + 10 Classic Tomes + 1500 coins$99.99 promotion: 20 Mythic Tomes + 20 Heroic Tomes + 20 Classic Tomes + 5000 coins + 50 fusion stones

Additionally, rubies and coins offers in the shop will yield 33% more resources. The $9.99 offer for instance will yield ruby 170 rubies instead of 130. Similarly, the coins pack for ruby 50 rubies will yield coin 600 coins instead of 450.

Last but not least, the Sheepyard design team has put up a collection of desktop and home screen wallpapers that you can find in exclusivity in the wallpapers section. Enjoy them!

Stormbound Wallpaper featuring Tode the Elevated versus Ubass the Hunter in battle

Meow and happy fighting, fellow Stormbounders!