A Remembering Construct

By  blackdoruk · 1 minuteBack to stories

It has been years since this war started. And it looks like it will not end in the near future. The empire has fallen. Everyone wants their freedom. Brother turned against brother. Son turned against father. But... how can I know all these? I am a construct. I obey what they say and do what they want. I should not be able record all of this data. Yet I can't stop my self. I think I am broken.


I remember everything from my life now. That slaughter won't end. It is still raging. And I remember every bit of it. All my comrades have fallen. Only the mighty Prolonoged Hero has the ability to reconstruct it self. Rest of us? No we just die to the enemy.

But not me...

I have the ability that none of my comrades has. Not even the Hero can do this. I can remember things. I can LEARN FROM MY MISTAKES. And teach them to ones that fight by my side. I AM DEBUG LOGGER

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