Chloerós Floiós

By  Zyries · 1 minuteBack to stories

A fancy way to say it.

Experiment: 156.

I don't even need to say the name for you to remember what it was, hm?

Maybe you'll learn.

“… And the next award goes to…”

“Fendricos Musendi!”

Even though they cheered, they all expected it.

It was only the 26th time, anyways.

“Thank you, sir. It is a great pleasure…”

I turn to the masses. Deja vu.

“… To be here in front of our people, once again…”

I turn back to him. He has aged.

“… Making our world a better place.”

But you weren't there. I'm sorry.

Shh, shh. You will understand soon.

Where did I leave off?

Oh yes, thank you.

Experiment: 156.

This is how I've stayed here. My back aches, my shoulders are weighed down by stolen valor.
They bought it. They thought it would be for the better.

I have lived for so long, and I have finally gotten you back.

Even if your skin is no longer skin, your eyes are no longer blue…

Do not fret, the strong fuel us both.

We can find somewhere else to live. We can finally be free, now that I have you back.

Botany has lost its intrigue.

Yes? You get it?

Oh, hoho, I'm proud.

We are eternal.

As long as we survive, son.

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