Crazy Bombers

By  Minethetekit · 1 minuteBack to stories

The bomber had always been crazy, ever since he was a child. At the age of 7, he set off a bomb, killing 5 rodents and critically damaging a construct.

He never went to school, as the Union feared for the children’s life there. So he taught himself in the art of destruction, eventually making him quite the legend amongst the Union.

During 783 AR, a war between all of the great kingdoms started and Crazy Bombers was leading the newly formed Detonation Corps. He got along well with his comrades there. He would dare say that they were all one big family.

All of them face down on the ground with blood pooling under their cold bodies. Ambushed by the Puppeteer Division of the Shadowfen Tribes, he had to watch his brothers and sisters fight eachother.

He wondered, why did war happen? Was it for power? The pleasure in knowing you've bested someone else? A sadistic sense of pleasure watching comrades and enemies alike bleed?

He abandoned the Union after that. He wanted to find the answer,and what better way than too become a mercenary,fighting for and against all the kingdoms?

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