Dark Harvest

By  DoppleFock · 1 minuteBack to stories

Nearly all members of the Swarm are trained in what is known as the “Harvest”, a martial art that incorporates the use of a scythe to swiftly dismember or decapitate one’s enemies. On the battlefield, the swarm use this the technique in swift hit-and-run tactics that leave the victims severely mutilated. Oddly enough, the same gruesome practice is also used in farming as a means to harvest the vast fields of magical grain that surround their cities.

Throughout the years, I’ve made numerous attempts to learn the way of the scythe , but soon realized my lance served me much better. However, there are rumors about an esteemed few who have mastered the deadly art. An esteemed few I wish to never cross.

— Journal excerpt by Andrus Vaen, Swarm mercenary

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