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OFFENSES: Resisting detainment, Failure to show ID, Assault of a USC, possessing illegal weapons.

7:23 A.M USC-32 and USC-25 were dispatched to the meeting of 12th Street and 13th Street after reports of a suspicious-looking rodent.

7:28 A.M USC-32 and USC-25 arrive on scene and make contact with the rodent.

7:29 A.M The rodent fails to present ID (see offenses)

7:30 A.M The rodent has been identified as Subject #4561. -This guy? Again? Seriously?-

Subject #4561 then revealed sticks of dynamite (see offenses) and USC-32 and USC-25 activate termination protocol Sigma-A and begin pursuing Subject #4561 (see offenses)

7:35 A.M Subject #4561 throws a stick of dynamite at USC-25 resulting in damage to the legs and several motors (see offenses)

7:36 A.M USC-32 activates offense protocol Alpha-J and attacks Subject #4561 in an attempt to subdue him

7:37 A.M Subject #4561 throws another stick of dynamite at USC-32 and subsequently damages the navigational processor of USC-32, rendering it immobile (see offenses)

7:39 A.M USC-32 and USC-25 lose line of sight with subject #4561 and USC-14 is dispatched to the scene

7:46 A.M USC-14 arrives on scene. Subject #4561 cannot be located. USC-14 begins search protocol

8:25 A.M Search protocol has ended. Incident concluded

Termination of subject y/[n]

Injury of subject [y]/n

Termination of civilian y/[n]

Injury of civilian y/[n]

Termination of USC y/[n]

Damage to USC [y]/n

Capture of subject y/[n]

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