Edrik the Fierce

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He was born amid chaos and destruction sown by the Everstorm, the terrible tempest that shattered our world into the isles and to this day rages with unbridled fury on the edges of our kingdoms.

Edric knew not the touch of a loving mother, or the warmth of a blazing family hearth.

He was suckeled by a dragon, a great monstrous beast. Pale as the moon, the fell brute glittered with amethyst gemstones.

He learned of heat when he was blasted by a torrent of fire from the maw of a savage serpent.

He learned of cold when he was entombed in an icy cavern by a rouge frostling for nigh on a month.

He learned of darkness when he witnessed the savagery and cruelty of outcast, exiled toads massacre the entire population of a raven village.

And finally, he learned of the light. The force that combats destruction and misery, and bathes the truthful in its radiant glow.

Eric joined a wandering order of knights, who were displaced from their homeland by the everstorm. They searched for their families and farmsteads, longing to return to what they once called home, only to find a shattered, barren, wasteland.

With heavy hearts, they immersed themselves in the rebuilding of their once mighty order, the knights radiant.

Here, our hero learned the vows of the knights, and took it upon himself to live his life fulfilling them.

— Chanted by a dwarven bard at the celebration of Edric’s appointment to commander of the knights radiant

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