Eloth the Ignited

By  Minethetekit · 1 minuteBack to stories

Today was a peaceful day for everyone. There was no fighting at all, except at the Dusty Plains.

A mighty black dragon with cracks on his skin revealing lava flowing under were fighting against the troops of the Union, because the dragon thought it was a good idea to snack on a rodent.

The dragon was winning, but not without a cost. His wings were damaged and he couldn’t hold on for much longer.

He managed to defeat the latest wave of rodents, but the next wave made him somewhat nervous, as the queen of the Union herself came to fight with her greatest creation, PH03-nix.

But surprisingly, he din’t get punched in the face by the giant robot. Instead, the queen signaled for the fighting to stop.

“I have a deal for you, mighty Eloth” declared the queen.

“Oh? And what is this deal that you think would make me reconsider destroying all of you right now?” questioned Eloth.

“Your body is quite damaged is it not? If the fighting goes on, you’ll soon lose the ability to fly—amongst other things. But we can repair you,even make you better than you once were. I’ll see to it personally.” The queen proclaimed boldly.

“What’s the catch?”

“You fight for us against anyone we deem fit to be meet their demise against you.” The queen answered.

It was certainly a deal. Having the greatest engineer known to the land upgrade him was certainly going to make him much more stronger. And he always wanted more power.

Without hesitation, he left behind the remaining two siblings he had.

“It’s a deal, your majesty.’ Eloth told her.

"Please, call me Mia." Mia told him.

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