Faun Companions

By  Seth · 1 minuteBack to stories

Sadly, war takes its toll on everyone Even, children. The faun companions are the children and teenagers of satyrs, turned into a squire like type of soldier. Though they are not suited for combat, its not rare to see them on the frontlines, aiding in combat and the maintenence of the entire army's equipment.

The presence of the faun companions are also part of a strategy to even more empower the satyrs zeal by their undead overlords. Their instinct of defending the young makes satyrs even more willing to give all their might and lives to protect them and kill the offenders.

Though sadly most companions dont return from the frontlines, the ones that do return to the swarm camps and cities are trained as a more combat capable and elite unit.

— Excerpt from and observation of armies and kingdoms

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