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Ever since abandoning the Pact, I became but stray snow in the wind, drifting to and fro until settling down to waste away in a land I’ve never known. Sorrows aside, though I’ve sacrificed my immortality, my decision has bestowed me with freedom far greater than anything the Pact has to offer. In my travels, I witnessed both the beauty and peril of this broken world, and felt the forbidden binds of emotion that drive a mortal’s ambitions. Alas, my actions were not without consequence. The majority of fellow frostlings now regard me like slush in a dirty puddle. Even those in my inner circle no longer respond to my letters… Oh, how I miss the crisp embrace of Winter. Alas, I cannot return to snow just yet, as there is more to our world than snow and ice.

In recent years, I’ve made myself a diplomat for Erninheim, a stronghold of a city who’s allegiances are more westward than northern. Though I am no Wisp, I can still channel the Tempest with ease, and with a little help, can reduce armies to ashes in a flash of frigid lightning.

– A page from a Pact deserter’s personal “saga”

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