Greengale Serpents

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It was long ago when the dragons arrived. They were awoken from their slumber deep beneath the world. First it was terror. Horrid scenes of destroyed outposts, towns, caravans and most of all, people. But then… it was something else that the leaders saw in the dragons. Ferocious, cunning, bold and deadly. It seemed like a sound solution. The first few were horrible failures. Some might call them abominations. A few exploded under the intense power of construct conduits. The project was to create a specimen that perfectly represented the rodents. Intelligence was a big factor in the manipulation of their genome. When Specimen A-1 was created, the board was ecstatic. All it took was a couple months of experimenting and they were “field ready” as Doctor Mia put it. The first few combat dragons were brutal. Upon observation, it was discovered that they grow increasingly stronger when attacking. The green fire bellowed out of the hungry mouths with such intensity that it melted solid steel. Their angered yelps caused nearby dragons to attack with ferocity previously unheard. Some of which rivaled the toads. But the creatures are only a stepping stone in biological manipulation.


Apparently there’s been a “big project” that just came into light. One to make dragons even more powerful. I remain doubtful. Only incredibly powerful dragons can even attempt to be merged with Union technology. Look at incident report 56-2. That was a messy day.

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