Personal Servers

By  Bucket · 1 minuteBack to stories

Personal Servers were created by the Ironclad Union to liven up the dens of the rodents. Clean the dens, empty the latrines, and serve potent drinks at the latest design meeting for the newest construct. However, the Union found themselves amidst a total war. Commodities were sacrificed for war assets. Personal servers stopped showing up in the dens.

The union was running out of funding for the war, fast. They needed to come up with something to continue the fight. In order to stay in the game, they put the personal servers on the international market. The other factions seemed to love the servers. They cleansed feathers and fur, cleared the roads of thick sheets of ice, and removed viscera from the battlefields. The battlefields! The Union realized the potential of the servers and took them off of the international market. The damage was already done. In time, the servers would be ripping apart their creators and ironclad brothers.

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