Restless Destiny

By  Яandomly Drawn Card · 2 minutesBack to stories

Before their very realm was broken up into many islands, the Satyrs normally lived peaceful day-to-day lives oblivious to the rising tension of the war encroaching on their lands. Not all of the Satyrs were careless, however. A small group of Satyrs ready for the inevitable prepared themselves by teaching themselves how to fight and they became known as the Restless Goats. The Goats were often made up of younger Satyrs ready to make a difference when danger was ready to come to their doorsteps, which as a result, made them reckless in nature. The Goats never wasted a day training and were always prepared for the worst. Their nature is perfectly reflected in their self-taught fighting style of sacrificing defense for pure offense.

The day The Shattering happened, the Goats were already prepared and quickly left their hometown ready for war. Years passed in the blistering heat of the deserts, and the Goats managed to survive in these drylands along with their unique fighting style. The Goats eventually came across the new army of the undead along with some other battle-ready Satyrs. They were quickly recognized by a few of the Satyrs who would go to recommend them to join the war effort, and of course, they happily agreed. Not everything was as good as it seemed to be for the Goats, however…

After refining their fighting skills once again, the Goats were summoned to appear before the Queen of Herds. Their summoning was of utmost importance, but little did the Goats know, it was something sinister. They were ushered into a room where many of the Undeads began to cast a spell over the Goats which would increase their reckless nature to levels beyond what was mortally possible. This, in turn, made them into ruthless warriors only focused on destroying the enemy. However, for the Undeads, their magic was never perfect, so a curse was put upon the Goats. When one could not fight any longer, a powerful bolt of magic would strike the closest fortress owned by the Swarm of the East. This curse made the Goats dangerous to deploy in all battles, but they still excelled in blitzkrieg warfare that was favored by some generals in the Swarm of the East.

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