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A small crook forged from an unknown type of desert brush. The knots and ridges in the wood are unnaturally symmetrical, yet the user (who also claims to be its creator) says that the wood was made naturally like this. Quite possibly the oldest of the Elden Instruments, it is believed that this is the most powerful one.

To use it, the user must be around the beings they want to effect (no max amount) for 14 days and nights. Once this is “paired” with the beings, the most used word the user said to the beings during the 14 days becomes the “command key” (both terms coined by the Undead user).

If this is said at any time once the user is struck in battle at least once, the linked beings’ bodies are “taken over by the spirits of the vengeful that weren’t so lucky in the past, aching for the blood that were stolen from themselves”. Of course, none of these claims have been seen in use yet, but we are hopeful that the Undead user will be willing for a long-term demonstration.

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