Sea Queen

By  MooreFunn · 1 minuteBack to stories

“Come now!
my faithless crew,
stop your chords
there’s things to do.

A hefty monster
guards the sea,
a quest for loot
sounds good to me.”

(We set a course,
we hoist the sails,
bound for treasure
we can not fail.

For if we do
I hate to say,
this beast might rule
another day…)

“Come now
we must be swift,
we shan’t be heard
so seal your lips.

In the crack of dawn,
the sailors blight,
burn the ships,
this ends tonight.”

(We grab our swords,
we arm the cooks,
in this chess
we are the rooks.

Then we see
below the deck,
a graceful queen,
prepare to check!)

“Lunge now,
before it’s late!
Don’t wait to move,
she doesn’t wait!

Tarry longer
and you will see,
massive armies
reduced to threes.”

(She makes her move
our ranks then suffer,
our fashioned fleet
reduced to clutter…

It is true,
our hope is lost,
she has her mana,
our lines are crossed.)

“I then sink deep,
down below…
I can not speak
what has been shown.

That day befell
a tragedy,
to hope one survives!
well, it was me.”

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