Siren of the Seas

By  Minethetekit · 1 minuteBack to stories

What was love? Is it something that you have, something you can hold? The siren did not know, for she did not know love.

She has heard so many tales of love, and it truly sounded like such a wonderful thing. Since she was a child, she’s been practicing playing the harp, in hopes that someone would love her, not for her looks,but for herself.

After her first performance in front of a crowd, she found that her musical skills were good. Very good actually, good enough that the men who heard her play instantly fell in love with her and made themselves vulnerable to her.

This was what she wanted, no? So why was that all she felt for these people were distaste? They may have loved her, but she didn’t love them. This was her tragedy.

One day, a woman approached her after stories of her musical skill spread, wanting to recruit her into the Neutrality, a group of mercenaries. On a whim, she decided to join. There, she met the love of her life — Edrik the Fierce. However, Edrik’s will was strong. No matter how much she played, he never once showed any affection towards her. He truly mesmerised her. In hopes of catching his attention,she decided to do her best in the battlefield.

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