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“Yes men! We are ready for the fight! We march today! For glory! To defeat the enemy! Is it not what you have trained to do! Now who’s with me!”

Been waiting to hear that for years. Captain Ryezis is fearless. It’s all I ever wanted to do. Kill savage toads and vile ravens. Their kind makes me sick. They cannot form anything good in this world. They have only destroyed. 12 years. 12 years of raids. 12 years of despair. 12 years of “mum would have been proud”. Now I get to have my revenge. It’s my turn to slaughter.

I see it. The flying creature.

C’mon! I’m gonna rip out your throat!

I lunge, it dodged.

Is that all you’ve got?

Its dead silent

Magic bursts from the wand

Block with shield, riposte.

You’re done for ma-



What the hell am I doing here. I’m going to die

God has abandoned us

The captain has sent me here to die


Feathers fly. Green light explodes from the wand

Blood, I’m hit

Y-you. Y-you hit m-me.

Can’t feel fingers


Everything’s fuzzy

This is it

It’s the end

There is no light

B-but w-why?

I-don’t want to go. I c-can’t.

Only black.

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