Temple of Focus

By  VengefulRaven · 1 minuteBack to stories

At the edge of the desert, between the struggling life and all that is forever dead, something moves for the first time in, let's say, 5 or 6 years. Concept of time doesn't seem to matter here anyway. A group of satyrs swiftly moves through the edge, hoping that by the dawn the sands will conceal their tracks. Their leader, the desert remembers him. He passed here last time, chased by his own curiosity. The crowd is all soldiers, armed to the teeth. Whatever forced the Swarm's raid party to be so discreet, it's dangerous. Not like the desert ever cared, though. At least this particular day, at least.

The leader stops, trying to see something in the distance. Suddenly he realised - he knows it. He's seen it before, a strange shadow on the horizon. It just didn't matter before. And it does matter now, for no particular reason. He commands the party to move in and investigate, justifying it with seeking shelter, knowing he can't just pass whatever it is out there.

And there, between the dunes that were never touched since their creation, it stands. A structure, an ancient pyramid, something that never was and never would have been if not for the mysterious raid party. Satyrs turn to their leader, not knowing what should be done, but before he gets to speak, the pyramid opens it's eyes.

They ran, faster than they ever did. But it was not just fear that was driving them beyond all limits, but also something…

Something else.

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