Windmakers Entry

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Daredevils to a fault, the Windmakers are the poster-mice of Union military service. Their characteristic long coats and belts lined with gear grant them a unique silhouette, free of the bulky equipment most Union troops are known to sport. These intrepid mice make excellent scouts, quick in both mind and body, capable of navigating both wilderness and cityscape with calculated grace. However, agility isn’t the only thing these mice have up their sleeve. Aside from standard survival gear, each of their pockets contains a modified and highly explosive boomstick capable of producing wind storms with speeds approximate to 43 knots, enough to lift dozens if not hundreds of enemy infantry off the ground and into the sky!

Nevertheless, such power always comes at a price. The compound used in Windmaker weaponry is highly volatile, resulting in severe collateral during the program’s earliest stages. (See page 47 for further information.) After considerable testing and debate, members of the Union’s War Council concluded that pairs were the most efficient squad size for any Windmaker regiment, maximizing both speed and effectiveness without the risk of losing so much talent.

Even as scientists continue to develop safer compounds, the Windmakers still appear in their characteristic duos, both as a safety measure and remembrance of those who gave their lives for the program.

— Page 30 from “Tooth and Nail”, an encyclopedia dedicated to the Union’s military history and is intended for students in primary education. Author not found.

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