Xuri, Lord of Life

By  Minethetekit · 1 minuteBack to stories

He had always wanted an army for him to command, but being the youngest of the 5 great dragons, he was the least likely person any dragon would take orders from, which was quite foolish. He is by far the wisest and smartest of the 5, and with his strategical mind, he can most certainly lead his hypothetical army to victory.

But he never got what he wanted.

On one sunny day, during his daily walk, he stumbled upon a fight between a camp set up north from the new kingdom, the Swarm, and wandering travellers from the Winter Pact. The Winter Pact was a topic he wanted to avoid, as it constantly reminded him of the day Zhevana left and never returned. He wanted to leave, but the urge to analyze the new kingdom was stronger than his own will.

The camp of Swarm immediately outnumbered the travellers,as reinforcement seemingly came out of thing air. The travellers were quickly overwhelmed, as a camp far outnumbered the likes of travellers.

This Swarm was interesting. To call out for reinforcements and have them immediately come to their aid was quite a sight, and their ability to move as a cohesive unit was simply breathtaking.

This. This was the army he was looking for.

That night, a great big dragon stormed the camps of the Swarm and when it proved victorious, asserted itself as the new Lord of the Swarm.

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