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This deck (level ~1.00) is made of 12 cards: 10 units, 1 structure, and 1 spell. It contains 6 different unit types.

Its average speed is 1.00 cell on play. Its average mana cost is 3.75. 5 cards can be played as the first player (3 of them moving the front line), 10 as the second player (8 of them moving the front line).

Inefficient confusion combos: This deck includes cards needing confusion effects but doesn’t include cards which confuse enemy units. Consider including Fluffy Badboxers or Sweetcap Kittens.

Unbalanced mana cost: This deck has most cards costing an even amount of mana, therefore reducing the amount of cards that can be played on odd turns. Consider balancing the mana cost a bit more.