Soopy Rush

By  CryoPlasma · Regular and RushEdit deck

This deck (level ~3.00) is made of 12 cards: 10 units, 0 structure, and 2 spells. It contains 5 different unit types.

Its average speed is 1.17 cell on play. Its average mana cost is 2.67. 9 cards can be played as the first player (7 of them moving the front line), 11 as the second player (8 of them moving the front line).

Lack of AoE: It doesn’t look like this deck includes any way to deal damage to multiple units at once. Consider bringing a card or card combo which can clean several units.

Light deck: This deck has an average mana cost of 2.67, which might be a little low. Consider including one or two more expensive cards to be able to power through long games.