Deck Dry-Run

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  • 2mana
    Brood Sages5
  • 2mana
    Copperskin Ranger5
  • 2mana
    Dubious Hags5
  • 2mana
    Gifted Recruits5
  • 2mana
    Toxic Sacrifice5
  • 3mana
    Rain of Frogs5
  • 4mana
    Marked as Prey5
  • 4mana
    Venomfall Spire5
  • 4mana
    Witches of the Wild5
  • 5mana
  • 6mana
    Kindred’s Grace5
  • 7mana
    Salty Outcasts5

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In-game mechanics

This simulator has same drawing/cycling mechanics as the game and should be an accurate representation of how playing your deck would feel. It can be useful to evaluate card cycling, mana flow and combo efficiency. Additionally, many card abilities are also implemented in this simulator.

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