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  • 1 mana1
    Green PrototypesGreen Prototypes5
  • 1 mana1
    Summon MilitiaSummon Militia5
  • 3 mana3
  • 3 mana3
    Hunter’s VengeanceHunter’s Vengeance5
  • 3 mana3
    Yowling WeaversYowling Weavers5
  • 4 mana4
    Beasts of TerrorBeasts of Terror5
  • 5 mana5
  • 6 mana6
    Needle BlastNeedle Blast5
  • 7 mana7
    Archdruid EarynArchdruid Earyn5
  • 8 mana8
    Visions of the GroveVisions of the Grove5
  • 9 mana9
    Gift of the WiseGift of the Wise5
  • 9 mana9
    Olf the HammerOlf the Hammer5

This deck (level ~5.00) is made of 12 cards: 7 units, 0 structure, and 5 spells. It contains 5 different races.

Its average speed is 0.42 cell on play. Its average mana cost is 4.92. 5 cards can be played as the first player (2 of them moving the front line), 6 as the second player (3 of them moving the front line).

Unbalanced mana cost: This deck has most cards costing an odd amount of mana, therefore reducing the amount of cards that can be played on even turns. Consider balancing the mana cost a bit more.

High mana curve: This deck’s mana curve appears to be a little high, making it likely to be overtaken by aggressive cheap decks. Consider balancing the cost of the cards a little more.

Inefficient Visions of the Grove: This deck includes Visions of the Grove but requires cards to produce more mana. Consider including Frozen Core to get the most out of Visions of the Grove.

Slow deck: This deck has 8 cards that don’t initially move, which makes it more likely to struggle against aggressive and rush decks. Consider swapping some static cards for some movers.